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Top Questions [April 10, 2013]

Kim asks: How do you prepare before each round of golf while you’re playing in a tournament? What kind of advice can you offer for a beginner golfer to help prepare for mental success?

                 Good question Kim!  As far as preparation, I try to have a pretty consistent routine of getting to the course in time to get a warm up of about an hour.  It’s important to warm up and get some tempo and positive shots before heading out.  Beginners who hit it better on the range and then struggle on the course need to be aware of a few things.  First, check your grip pressure, and make sure you’re staying relaxed so you can swing the club.  Then make sure you allow your body to pivot and move and don’t get stuck over the ball.  And then remember it’s golf!   It’s a fun game, a pretty place outside so cut yourself some slack and enjoy your playing partners and focus on your good shots.  And enjoy the process of improving.  Good luck Kim!